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Kunshan Sunlaite New Energy Technology Co., Ltd is a manufacturer devoted to develop new energy resources. Be founded by Nanjing University(NJU). Taking advantage of talent resources from Eco-Materials & Renewable Energy Research Center.NJU, the Innovation &Technology Platform of NJU and Kunshan Solar Energy Efficient Application Center,the company is aimed to develop clean and renewable energy resources, especially the development, fabricating and marketing of novel functional materials and devices.  

The company has the intellectual property rights and key technology on several projects such as: Helix wind turbine,Solar cell of new generation and Fuel cell.


Kunshan Sunlaite New Energy Co.,Ltd. 

Add:Tsinghua Science Park,1666South Weicheng Rd.Kunshan,Suzhou,Jiangsu,China 

Tel/Whatsapp:0086 18206220669      Skype:sunlaite88

Email:martin@sunlaite.com    Website:www.winso80.com